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Sedona Wine Tours

Explore the Best Sedona Wineries​

Experience the best of Sedona’s wine and beer scene with Elevated Sedona Wine Tours. Indulge in a VIP adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Our custom curated tours take you to top-rated wineries and popular breweries, ensuring a premium experience. Discover Sedona’s finest wines and spirits while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Elevate your visit to Sedona with us. Cheers to new memories that will last a lifetime!


Elevated Sedona Wine Tours was voted “Best of the Best”  by our  Readers’ Choice community poll in the best Spirits & Nightlife – Wine Tour  –  Sedona category, which means that your community thinks you’re the best in town at what you do”  says,  Kudos publication. 


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*Featured Wine Tours*


Social Vine

 Enjoy a Pampered, guided group tour of Sedona’s Vineyards where you may purchase tastings of award-winning Arizona wines & Gourmet food prepared by the Vineyards for the perfect pairing experience will be available to you. We’ll guide you to three Vineyards in the Sedona area. Our Social Tour is a full-service Elevated experience.  Treats and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the tour vehicle. only $85 per person, it’s a 5-passenger minimum. (tastings not included) Please call, or text for this Tour option. 

Divine Vine

 This Pampered, private guided tour of Sedona’s Vineyards where you may purchase tastings of award-winning Arizona wines & Gourmet food prepared by the Vineyards for the perfect pairing experience will be available to you. We’ll guide you to three wineries in the Sedona area. Your full-service Elevated experience awaits.  Treats and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the tour vehicle. $115 to $185 a person (tastings not included)


Express Vine

This tour is for those with limited time or just want a shorter tour.  You will be guided to 2 Vineyards for a 3.5 hr tasting and food pairing opportunity. Sip and relax with plenty of time to enjoy the view. This is a private tour that includes 2-tastings per person, (no food included) Treats and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the tour vehicle. all for only $160 to $195 

please call, or text for this tour option. 



 Embark on a captivating tour, Begin your journey by indulging in a shopping experience at Tlaquepaque, a charming art and crafts village. Then heading to the serene Stupa, a sacred site offering a peaceful retreat.  Continue your adventure, make a mystical stop. Take a moment to connect with nature and feel the spiritual essence of Sedona’s renowned vortex site. Savor the flavors at 2 exquisite vineyards, where you can sample locally produced wines amidst stunning vineyard landscapes. Indulge in a day filled with culture, spirituality, and the essence of terroir on this unforgettable wine tour.  all for only $225

White wine glasses clinking at a bachelorette party at one of many wineries in northern Arizona

Sublime Vine

On your Private wine tasting tour, you’ll sample award-winning, delicious Arizona wines. Experience succulent sips from surrounding Sedona wineries, including 3 free tastings of your choosing (whites, or reds) at 3 stops. Yummy food is available for purchase at most stops. If you want to incorporate bubbling beers into your tastings, we have five breweries available. Treats and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the tour vehicle .   $215 to $245 a person

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Elevated Vine

This Private wine tour specifically highlights exceptional wineries and beautiful vineyards as you sample award-winning Arizona wines. Sip and sit for lunch while indulging in a gourmet food pairing experience. We will guide you through three wineries providing you with a full-service, all-inclusive private wine tasting tour with 3 tastings (total), from 3 stops, plus a Delicious lunch provided by the Vineyard.  $240 to $280 a person

Wicked Vine

Join us on a journey to the most wicked mining town in the West – Jerome AZ. This mining town was established in 1876 and is known to be one of the most haunted old western towns still standing. Wet your whistle and take in the stunningly spectacular vista views of Sedona’s one-of-a-kind red rocks. Sip and savor wine flights from Caduceus winery, a creation from James Keenan “Maynard” lead singer of the band Tool. Enjoy some shopping as we guide you through Jerome’s historical roots. We will guide you through two wineries and Jerome providing you with a full-service all-inclusive private wine tasting tour with 3 tastings from 3 stops, plus a Delicious lunch provided by the Vineyard or a restaurant in Jerome.   $260 to $290 a person

Ultimate Vine

Get ready to have your taste buds wowed and your soul ignited! We have THE most amazing adventure waiting for you! Why not explore the stunning beauty of wine country with your own personal guide who’ll make you feel like a VIP! From vineyards to breweries to the charming town of Jerome, it’s time to take in all the sights and sounds like a true explorer. With everything taken care of, you won’t have to lift a finger, just sit back, relax and enjoy the delicious food and fine wine. There are three exciting stops to choose from, so take your time to figure out which one suits you best. The best part? The choice is all yours!  And at just $385 per person, 2 to 3 people, or 4-14 only $335. The deal is out of this world! We can’t wait to take you on this journey of a lifetime! Let’s go!

The Best Winery Tours in Sedona

Your time in Sedona should be exciting and exhilarating. That’s why our wine tours are thoughtfully curated as a fun-filled experience with our knowledgeable tour guides leading you through the best of Arizona’s vineyards and breweries.   So you get to select what you want to taste, and who is experiencing this with you. Let us take care of the fine details while you sit back and enjoy every sip. Sedona is full of breathtaking views and remarkable explorations, and Elevated Sedona Wine Tours is proud to elevate your Sedona experience. Each wine tour is led by caring guides who tailor your experience to your group’s needs, making our tours the best winery tours in Sedona.


“Hey vino lovers! Say hello to Elevated Sedona Wine Tours – the family-owned company that’s all about giving you an unforgettable experience! Rachel and Dax Ward, the dynamic duo behind the show, can sniff out the best wine and beer spots in Sedona like it’s nobody’s business. And the rest of the team? They’re all pros at amping up your tour game. Oh, and did we mention their mascot Goonie Goo Goo? This pug mix rescue is the furry face behind their epic logo. How cool is that? So, if you’re ready to sip on some deliciousness while taking in the breathtaking scenery of Sedona, let Elevated Sedona Wine Tours do the honors. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!”

  1.  All of our guides are schooled in the art of the Pampered tour Experience, not just a driver
  2.  We cannot guarantee a tour of the barrel room ,depends on who’s on staff that day at the Vineyards. Thank you


“Hello and Welcome! We are happy to provide you with complimentary pickup and drop-off services within the Sedona and Cottonwood, Camp Verde area. If you are outside of this area, we can still help with pickup for an additional fee. We want to remind you that gratuity for your guides is not included. We kindly ask that you show your appreciation through your generosity and thank you in advance. Enjoy your adventure!”

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We are so thankful for our reviews
Kathleen Coderre, Great tour! Highly recommend. We had a blast. Picked us up at our rental condo at 11 and we got back around 530. Great private tour with excellent service and yummy wine. Highly recommend!! And Nathan our guide was fabulous. Easy to talk to, we had great conversation on our drive. Way better than the bigger tours with random folks.
Our tour was fantastic! Dax made sure we got the full experience at each winery, and ensured we had every chance to relax and enjoy the day. He’s been in the area for a long time, so we also received tons of bonus tips about Sedona and the surrounding towns. Would definitely recommend their tours for anyone looking to have some great wine and good times!
Kelsey Lee