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Welcome to Elevated Sedona

WineRY and BrewERY Tours​

Elevated Sedona Wine Tours is a family-owned luxury tour company that specializes in creating custom ,full service ,all inclusive experiences, bringing you to the best wineries, and breweries, plus top attractions
in Sedona and the surrounding area.

All of our tours are private-only, which means you get to select where you want to taste, what you want to see, and who attends with you. You’ll have the a wonderful experience , with all of the tedious details like transport are taken care of. Your time exploring Sedona should be remarkable, so we’ve made elevating your experience our goal. Our tours are led by knowledgable guides and are tailored to you and your groups every need, making our tours the best winery tours in Sedona.

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Full wine glass and beer steins at a winery and brewery tour, a cool thing to do in Sedona

This is our shorter more focused tour,  On your Private tour you’ll sample award-winning, delicious Arizona wines and enjoy a  champagne toast to start the tour right.  We’ll guide you to three of the following wineries and Breweries  in the Sedona area for your two free tastings or two glasses at  Alcantara, DA Ranch, Javelina Leap, Oak Creek Vineyards or Page Springs Cellars and the Southwest Wine Center, also many tasting rooms .Plus we also have 5 Breweries if that’s more your speed.  Your door to door  ,private , full service Elevated  Experience awaits.  Included are treats and drinks  in tour vehicle.

 *All for only $195 per person-requires 4 people or more per tour,   for 2 to 3 people $225 per person .

This tour lasts around four hours.

                               FEATURED TOUR


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Join us on a journey to the wickedest mining town in the west,  Jerome Az.  One of the most haunted  old western towns established in 1876.   Jerome is an old copper mine that produced enough copper in its day, for you to still have some in your pocket today. With many great shops and wine tasting rooms to wet your whistle and take in the spectacular views of Sedona’s red rocks. Enjoy wine flights and lunch on us as you are guided through Jeromes history and two of our award wining vineyards for a fun filled day with Elevated.      $245 to 280 per person


 Off to the wineries we go!  All inclusive sampling of  award-winning delicious Arizona wines and enjoy a gourmet lunch prepared by the vineyard for the perfect wine and food pairing experience. We’ll guide you to three of the following wineries in the Sedona area ,includes 1 entree & 3 wine flights or 3 glasses at Alcantara, DA Ranch, Javelina Leap, Oak Creek Vineyards or Page Springs Cellars. Your door to door ,private ,full service Elevated experience awaits.

$245 to 280 per person

This add-on applies to the Elevated and Wicked vine tours ( Not available on the Sublime Vine tour) in stead of being a little limited with the normal inclusive tour ,with the Full Monty you can go Crazy ! All the wine & food you want at the vineyards. (just no take home bottles, or rare selections of high value)   please call or email to add on.

                  $50   per person  added to your tour    


Elevated Sedona Wine Tours is a family-owned  tour company that specializes in creating custom, all inclusive experiences.  The owners Rachel and Dax Ward have been in the area for over 22 years . We have always enjoyed  the gorgeous  vineyards and breweries in the Sedona area.  We met our guide extraordinaire, JB Turner about 12 years ago and were fast friends. JB has been involved in the vineyard development of the Verde Valley, as well as  the Hospitality Industry  . Through his many contacts and friendships, JB has become the best guide in Arizona, when you meet him you’ll know why.  Rachel and Dax have been married for 26 years and have many furry children,  including our logo mascot Goonie Goo Goo. Our sweet Pug mix rescue is our inspiration for our Elevated Pug logo. JB is excited to be our Chief  Executive Guide and our trainer, so all of our guides are schooled in the full service, Pampered tour Experience .  

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