The Sublime Vine

Elevated Sedona Wine Tours Presents the Sublime Vine Wine Tour

The Sublime Vine wine tour is sure to surpass your expectations! On this privately-guided tour, you and your guests will sample world-renowned wines – staples of Arizona’s wine country. Our knowledgeable guides will take you on an exciting excursion to three wineries in the Sedona area. But, if you’re looking for bubblings brews and hoppy pours, we have five breweries available.

Elevate Your Experience With Our Sublime Vine Wine Tour

Let us take care of the fine details! Our wine tours are completely full-service, so you can sit back and relax. Our luxurious vehicles will transport you to each location, including snacks, drinks, and three vineyard or brewery tastings. Our goal is to ensure that you always have a drink in your hand and a smile on your face! Spend the day with your closest friends and family while enjoying some of the best drinks in Arizona, with wine tastings at the vineyards included in your tour. $245 to $215